Computers and Systems

3CCC is part of the IDS group of companies, offering solutions for your business computers & laptops that are cost effective.


You deserve the best available equipment and service within your budget. Expect nothing less than a cost effective and professional service.


Our experience shows - we help many clients with trouble free installation and setup of equipment. Every client is important to us.


We are a West Midlands company with a friendly personal and professional approach. We have over 20 years experience within the home and commercial pc market specialising in keeping systems efficient and trouble free.

This gives us experience of 3rd party and older systems, and like most technicians we like the latest technology and are fully experienced.


Even thou we are fully up to date we will advise you on what is best for your situation as opposed to what is the most expensive and “flash”


Our experience shows - we help many clients to achieve a higher standard through sensible planning and installation of equipment and systems.




At one time we would have had two pages, one for domestic and one for commercial.


But today with the increase in usage of PC’s within the home the dividing line has become blurred, in fact a secure well backed up and supported system within the home can be seen as, if not, more important.


In the office and work environment staff just carrying out their work should be safer than within a family where the use of the internet is greater.


There are differences between office, work, and the home environment which could be said to be one only of scale and complexity.



Normally a “clean” environment. Stored data, possibly C.C.TV. monitoring, email external and internal,

comparatively controlled internet access.



We would define the “Work” environment as anything but the office or home.

That is any PC used on the shop floor, warehouse etc., etc.




Very often used by those with no knowledge of the consequences of improper use. We have mail from friends, games sites, and social media are rife with malware.

There is an increase in TV streaming, Wi-Fi is seen as the main method of accessing the internet in the home where as it is fraught with complications and errors.

And then we have the Internet of things…..


What we offer:

A local company with a personal and professional approach.

Years of practical experience,

Equipment Installation,


Virus Removal,

Routine Maintenance,


Wireless Setup,

Automated Data Backup,

Confidential & Discreet,

Out of Hours cover,

Setup Support.


Wherever the PC in front of you is there are many things that are common.


Preventative Maintenance

Any PC requires regular maintenance for it to continue working at optimum performance. Sitting on the floor or desk the PC will suck in dirt and dust that will eventually cause it to overheat and could result in data loss. Over time your hard drive will become fragmented and your machines speed  will slow to a fraction of what it was when it was new. Regular routine maintenance will alleviate these symptoms


Data security

We get lots of calls from new clients when they have lost their data - photo’s as a rule. We can set you up so that there is a method  to back up all your phone pictures, anything you have downloaded form a camera, even your SatNav.


Operating System Updates

W10 is supposed to update automatically but experience has told us that it is at best not done reliably - we have had many clients loose their data and in a couple of cases  the whole operating system has had to be re installed.


Regular Upgrades - as opposed to updates.

In today’s technologically advanced world nothing stands still, your computers software and hardware have to be routinely updated to remain efficient and secure from attack. Your operating system requires regular security  and software updates. Your hardware needs to be upgraded periodically allowing  the software to work at peak efficiency.


On Site Solutions

Many setup issues can be resolved on site. Regular preventative maintenance, virus scan & update, malware removal, network and wireless setup are just a few services that we can  complete quickly and efficiently at your premises.


Off Site Solutions

Some repairs and software installations require additional time to complete. Hardware updates, date retrieval, hard drive reformatting and new software installation will require a technician to thoroughly test your machine to ensure it is working correctly.


Specialist Solutions

With an in depth experience of the commercial  PC and Networking market we can offer a  bespoke networking solutions service. Your office will be centralized with all the pc’s and laptops linked to a network server allowing for easy file  and printer sharing, data tracking and backup.


Last but not least - Anti Malware!

Today this is not just important but essential. We will install any version you suggest but  we are agents for ESET which is a commercial product with a low memory overhead.


We have been using and supplying ESET Anti malware software for some years and have now decided to accept ESET’s request to be an ESET Partner.


WiFi - We also offer WiFI for business and home use; further details are to follow.