Website Design and Hosting



Our clients benefit from our hosting, website design and build services, ranging from a simple domestic site to a fully functional ecommerce site.


Should you require a new website or an update or revamp to your existing site, using 3ccc, your business will experience increased traffic and business opportunities.


As a new client we need to discuss and understand your business, your target market and how your website would compliment your offline marketing. Also what you as the client see your website providing your business.


The design and build of the site is approved by you at key stages.


Whatever your budget, your new website will deliver your objectives.



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Make your own website changes



Get yourself an online presence with our One Day Websites!


Help is at hand to create an effective online presence your company needs within just one day. These websites take just one day to create, from planning to upload. We are a local company, with offices in Birmingham and Walsall, so it’s easy for us to make an appointment to see you at 9am and have your website finished by end of business. As opposed to us keeping the website for you once the website is complete we will transfer ownership to your company, this means it can be edited elsewhere, this also means that we do not charge you monthly for the website as it is just one up front payment.


Our plan:

9am – we visit you and record all of the information we need to create your website.

12pm – we have the first draft of one page finished. If you are happy with this you BAC’S half of the cost.

2pm – more correspondence with you to approve the first draft and voice any changes

4pm – changes made. Your website is finished and ownership is passed to you. The bill is settled.


The best thing about this website, is that you own it. We will help you to set up an account with an online host, then will then use this account to create and upload your website. Once we are finished, you change the account passwords and the website is yours. We take a one off payment for the day. Your website and domain name is owned by you!


Our unique service provides our customers with full design and upload of a brand new website and creation of your other online resources to updating an existing site and managing your other accounts more effectively.


Here's a rough outline of what we need from you to set up your website - and a few tips - but basically, we just need the wording for your site plus copies of any images, illustrations or logo for use on the site.



Please supply typed or word-processed text if you can, write your page or site to last - this means you should avoid including information that will soon be out of date - unless you plan on updating your information regularly.


Single page sites

the first paragraph, or first 20-30 words, should clearly and concisely describe your product or service, while following paragraphs can expand on what you have said in paragraph one. The recommended maximum number of words for a page is about 500.


Images and Layout

Send good quality pictures and a logo for us to use on your site, these can be sent to use via email or handed to us on a USB stick, if you don't have a logo to use we can design one for you at an additional one of cost, to logo will be approved by you before it is used to ensure you are happy with it.


Send a sketch of how you would like things laid out, and colour samples for the text and page background, if you wish.

When organising material for a website, remember that your "homepage" acts as a kind of index, introduction, or "hook" to the rest of your site, and it's this page that people see first when they connect to your site using your Web address.

Your homepage should contain links to your other pages, which can each describe different products or aspects of your service.

You can have a page explaining how people can order from you, or giving people the opportunity to order direct, a page with your contact information, and so on.


If you are not sure how best to set up your page or site, please get in touch. You may find it easier to send us a copy of your leaflet or brochure which we can adapt and "copy" for use on the Web, and remember: you can update your page, and make additions or alterations as often as you like.


Make yourself known

Once your site is set up we can help you set up your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, we can also optimize your site to appear higher up in the search engines such as google search, this will increase traffic to your site and increase your presence on the web!