Viewing Facilities Equipment

Normally used along with a Dome Pan Tilt Zoom camera to get close up details whilst the main picture has the overall view of the studio.

This will enable your client to zoom into close detail of  Respondents are discussing  - say a beauty product - whilst the main picture is showing the rest of the room.


The original brackets fitted put the camera’s too close to the ceiling and wall.

The brackets we supply also hide the cables .


This client had their equipment in wooden cabinets which made use difficult, caused overheating and restricted access for maintenance.


Two 19” metal racks were installed with all the clients equipment put in.


This client had limited space so we  put the equipment for three studio’s  into a Rack and a Half !


Future Proofing.

In this Rack our client asked us to allow room to add enough equipment for another studio should they need it in the future.

You can see the large gap towards the bottom of the Rack.


A few pictures of some recent projects we have been involved in.


Some of the recent “one off” projects we have been involved in.


This of part of an extension to a system,

the board is installed in a riser cupboard


Small Business Server installed along with a 1Gbt CAT5 backbone and ADSL Modem and site specific spares.


This 19” rack shown was put together for a client that needed to use their equipment offsite for one specific clients.


Here the clients originally had their Microphones mounted against the ceiling.

We made this bracket to bring the Microphone heads down to the correct distance from the ceiling and to the correct distance apart.


A special modification where the client wanted the Stereo Microphone away from the portable recorder.


A Little More About Our Equipment !


Our equipment

We try and supply the same equipment - unless our client specifies one particular make. With some years experience we have found the balance between the most cost effective and reliable equipment. To date we have not had the necessity to replace any piece of equipment that we have supplied and installed.

You need to be able to rely upon the equipment we supply. It needs to have the quality you need and be easy enough to operate by any of your staff. We consider this is so with the equipment we specify.


Audio conditioning equipment

Normally just 3 items each 1u  high 19” which can be rack mounted


This CD/DVD Recorder may look complicated but the controls can be set so as to have limited user access.


Cassette Tape is still wanted by some Facilities. This model will last until tapes are no longer needed !


Having said we always supply the same equipment  as far as DVR & DVD recorders is concerned we supply the same makes not the same model as specification change so often.