Viewing Facilities and Us

3CCC is part of the IDS group of companies, offering turnkey solutions that are both innovative and cost effective. Your business deserves the best available equipment and service within your budget. Your customers expect nothing less than a cost effective service, with the best facilities within their budgets.


We are the only UK company specialising in the Viewing Facility marketplace and we have 20 years experience in this field and started with one of the very first viewing facilities in the area.


Our experience shows - we help many clients to achieve a higher standard through sensible planning and installation of equipment and facilities.


Our clients are just as important to us as your clients are to you. We understand your industry - and the need for client anonymity.


Our unique service provides our customers with full fit-out of new premises through to digital upgrades of existing equipment.


The complete solution for your viewing facility.




Is your existing facility up to date? Can you boast an efficient service whereby your client takes away the session on digital format the same day. We are able to upgrade your  services fully to digital, or as preferred by some transcribers dual format including tape. Logical solutions and upgrades are based on your requirements and that of your target market.



Your Client will want “HD”.


By that they will mean widescreen as in 16:9 aspect ratio video which can be put onto a USB Memory stick or emailed directly.

The monitors, camera’s, switching and transmission equipment are dropping in price and becoming mature enough to be taken seriously.

HD stands for High Definition, and SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface – a family of standardised, broadcast quality digital interfaces using BNC connectors. The standard was developed by the BBC to enable them to use the existing cabling around the old Television Centre and is still used by both the BBC & Sky. It has been adopted by the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers).

Because of its origins in broadcast, the definition and picture quality of HD-SDI footage is noticeably higher than a standard analogue signal. Because it has been designed with the sole purpose of providing Megapixel, High Definition footage over standard co-ax cable, it is perfectly suited to our usage where the majority of existing systems use co-ax cables.


There are other formats of HD we could supply and you will read that HD-SDI is obsolete - not so. The technology was adopted by the CCTV sector as IP systems wouldn’t use co-ax cable. These comments originate from the CCTV sector as HD-SDI has now been superseded by alternative systems that are more suitable the CCTV market.


We prefer to supply a “standard” size desktop PC if space will allow it so as  to maximise air flow within the PC and it’s surroundings. If the space is restricted and if the local installation is cool enough then we can supply a small format device.

Whichever is supplied then we install Audio and Video capture devices which are controlled by industry standard recording and streaming software.

Due to the way we set up the software a 3hr session will occupy about 3.5Gbt - which is not far off analogue.


We will not advice using Windows 10 for some time. Windows 7 is stable - which is what you and your clients are looking for.

We have supplied a system where the client asked “for the latest” of everything so we allowed Win10 to upgrade the Win 7 operating system we had supplied.

All was well until Microsoft updated Win 10 on the PC’s on their standard Tuesday update. The new drivers and codec’s meant that we had to reinstall Win 7.


Audio & Video Backup.

Most site we are involved with, that are not yet using HD, use a DVD recorder for a real time recording that can be handed to the Client/Moderator at the end of a session and a DVR as backup.

DVR’s that are suitable are becoming few and far between. To that end we utilise a small PC “device” that is supplied from the Audio & Video signal.



Alterations, upgrades & new technology, dual technologies - these are things your facility may need, we will customize the solution to your needs and budget.


PIP - Picture In Picture

This is becoming more common and much cheaper to supply and install, these days only used within an HD site.


Digital Upgrades

Upgrade to Digital recording of your audio which can be saved to USB “memory stick”, emailed directly to clients or edited to suit.  A dedicated PC may not be necessary, we can also supply “second user”. If you have an under used PC running XP, and preferably with a front facing USB port then we can utilise that.


Mirror supply

With time unless a sealed unit was originally installed dust may get in and reduce the quality of the mirror. We can also upgrade your existing mirror  to the latest specification with a soundproofed double or triple glazed sealed unit.


Simultaneous Translation

This is a modification to your system where rather than record left and right channels separately we mix the two and use the one channel from someone translating either clients or respondents comments.


Consolidation of Existing Equipment

It can often improve usage and quality to put all your equipment into one place. We have an illustration below.


Technological Upgrades

As technology changes it very often gives improved quality and functionality. Just ask us and we will see what upgrades may be available.





Service & Repair

Solutions that work for your Viewing Facility.

However good your system is things just go wrong sometimes! Equipment fails, gets damaged or just wears out. We know the industry well and full appreciate what it is like when there is a room full of clients, the respondents in place and the moderator is about to start and a Microphone or Camera fails. We may not be able to repair it then and there, but we may be able to suggest a workaround and will be there ASAP to get you back working.


Routine Maintenance

One way to lessen the possibility of a failure is to have a regular inspection of your system. Your DVR’s, VCR’s, etc. suck in dirt and dust that will eventually cause it to overheat and could result in damage. Tape heads need cleaning properly even cabinets need dusting out. As a rule at our first visit we will make a note of all interconnections and control positions.

It may seem simple but a number of sites we have visited have needed their mirrors cleaning. The correct cleaning solution must be used as the incorrect one can damage the seal on a sealed unit.


A New Installation

From consultancy to bespoke turnkey solutions


Consultancy and Project Management

Acting as consultants we can offer our clients project management, from fit out and building work; including planning, architectural services, sound insulation, equipment placement and 2 way mirrors, through to the completion and  installation of all audio and visual equipment.


Turnkey – creating a full Facility

From a new building you’ve just acquired, we offer a complete solution through to handing you the key of your completed viewing facility.

We can in fact create a new facility for you.

Some of our clients have started with a building and the dream of their own viewing facility, or they are opening a second location. IDS group work with you through the process of planning, construction and installation. Our involvement from an early stage means we can initiate and implement cost effective  construction and fit out. Planning from the beginning of your  project means savings at the end.


We have a team of building and maintenance engineers that we can call upon to simply put a hole through a wall or structural and building works.

If you prefer to use your own contractor we be will be more than happy to liaise with them.


Audio PC Interface

Digital recording of your audio which can be saved to USB “memory stick”, emailed directly to clients or edited to suit.


Networking – ‘phone and computer utilising the same cabling.

All types of phone systems – we have a phone tech in house – can be supplied and installed from a single BT line type to a full PBAX to the latest VOIP and Skype systems.

At the moment we specialise in installing CAT5E for a computer networking normally based upon a 1Gbt backbone. If your PC’s are of an older design we can of course supply and install suitable network cards.

These days Wi-Fi is a necessity, we install the latest access points fully compatible with the PC based software and both the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or other Smartphone


Servers & Workstations

With an in-depth experience of the commercial  PC and Networking  we can offer a bespoke installation. Your office can be centralized with all the pc’s and laptops linked to a network server allowing for easy file  and printer sharing, data tracking and backup.


Bespoke Equipment Design

Sometimes the need is for us to produce a piece of equipment, such as the table mounted Mic. on the right,  that can not be bought of the shelf, or perhaps the commercial version is out side your budget.


Mirror supply

We maintain the computer systems at a number of double glazing and sealed unit manufacturers in the west Midlands. This means that we can therefore supply and install the latest specification soundproofed double and triple glazed for either a new installation or an upgrade

To simplify a new installation we can arrange that the mirror be supplied in a either a PVCu or wooden frame.



Other bits ! - additional Services

There is normally one rack per studio and if it is a large site there well may be a rack dedicated to security, for a remote access DVR etc. We will build and test the racks in the workshop and transport to site. This will dramatically reduce client down time at a site were the client already has a presence.


All equipment in the rack is labelled where needed


The back of a Rack


Tools and rack etc boxed ready for transport


Tools and test equipment onsite


We like to call this our “Standard Rack” but in reality all are altered to suite individual clients


Mind your back !

A 60” TV/Monitor about to be taken up 3

floors to be used instead of a mirror


The “Client Rack”  the local Amplifier which can be locked to stop Clients “adjusting” the volume etc.